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by Swing Hero

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Swing Hero is Marshall Gallagher.

Thanks to the Gallagher Family, Matt Van Leuven, Jeff Merkel, Jason Livermore, Jason Allen, Patrick Kline, Adam Halferty, Jesse Cronan, Brian Martin, 3OH!3, Solar Bear, My Body Sings Electric and everyone who listens.

This EP was produced without the use of pitch correction.


released December 2, 2011

Recorded November 2-5 2011 at Eight Houses Down (Denver, CO) by Matt Van Leuven, and at The Blasting Room (Fort Collins, CO) by Jason Livermore
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Livermore

Marshall Gallagher: vocals, guitars, bass, songs
Patrick Kline: drums



all rights reserved


Swing Hero Los Angeles, California

los angeles dreamo grunge rock. let's play a show.

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Track Name: Basement
this is the end of all, we've made it far too long. so turn your eyes to the ground and let the fences coil around our perfect cell. love is not the cure the cinema sells, you'll bury it in shit just being yourself. when all of your capacity is swallowed by your doubt can you really fill the emptiness out?
you and i, a blackened sky cast over seas of weathered pearl. from dotted lines you watch me fly into the gaping hands of hell.
deep beneath the dust in every basement lurks the secrets no respected man would ever dare unearth.
Track Name: Love Could Be Ours
i don't make anyone happy anymore. o my brother, i regret every second of silence. o my lover, i've lost all your smiles, i'm not who i was before. i don't make anyone happy anymore.
i can't keep anything healthy anymore. everything i touch gets sick and falls into the spiral. all the doctors are dead, so what's your method of medication? i can't keep anything healthy.
suck it in, push it down. the fingers in the trees are prying us apart. we were told that love could be ours but we were all fucked right from the start.
Track Name: Spiral Eyes
the summer snow is falling from the sun and my spiral eyes are coming undone. the mountains strain to break the sky, could you see me through a mothers eye and bring me back. you could strip my skin and take your throne, and i'd wait for the summer heat to bring you home. your empty eyes are just like mine, we could drain the colors one more time.
god is in the drugs, god is in your love. we could see the sun if you would just give up.
no one's gonna love you like i do, but you've never stopped running. let's tie ourselves together, we'll melt into nothing.
the summer snow has fallen from the sun and my spiral eyes have come undone. i will strain to break your bones that case your heart and all your soul, and bring you back.
Track Name: Stay
you run and run down your street. increase the distance, pray for freedom from this town. til one day you turn the other cheek and everything you love goes in the ground. a delayed reaction, a fatal disease. please stay where i can hold you.
you find a heart worthy of your labor, and a pair of longing eyes you think your love could mend. crush her skull like waves against your jagged shore and kiss her stomach, hoping she'll feel beautiful again. delayed affection, a tired cliche. please stay where i can hold you.
Track Name: What You Hope Is Real
we're not gonna make it through this time. all that's left to do is cry about the love you've lost, and make your mark in what you hope is real. lie about your motivations and drain yourself with what you can't conceal.
"i've been trying to die since i was born", she said. "oh, i love you so, but you'd be so much better off if i just left. and i will poison myself to the core, and chase away the sleep until my tired little frame can take no more".
we're not gonna make it through this time. all that's left to do is try to reinvent my speech, and kill each part of me that you've become. and lie to everyone i meet, all my love is just residual.
i was barely alive til i met you, i said. oh, i'll let you go but you should know that i would rather just be dead. and i will poison myself to the core, and force myself to sleep until you say that you can love me once more.